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All About Commercial Guttering

Protecting commercial buildings from water damage is just as important and personal for business and building owners as it is for homeowners with their homes, and having high-quality and reliable guttering in place is key to preventing the problems that rainwater can cause.

Assessing your Commercial Guttering Needs

When analysing your commercial guttering needs, a professional will always with start with two factors: firstly, the size of the building and its roof will always help in deciding the gutter size and shape needed, and the number of downpipes. The size of any downpipes already in place may also be a factor, although new downpipes can always be installed around a new guttering system.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, is to assess the volume of rainfall commonly expected on the commercial building, as this helps to predict the size of gutter needed. This needs to be considered alongside the amount of leaves and other debris that is expected to gather in whatever guttering is installed, as these will affect the weight of the water in your gutter significantly. An accurate prediction here will also help to determine the right gutter guard system for you, whether it’s a leaf screen, gutter foam, or our Great Barrier leaf guard that will last up to 20 years. Making the right decision here will save commercial building owners time and money when it comes to cleaning their guttering and downpipes, which shouldn’t ever need to be costly and time-consuming.

Pitch and Anchoring: Use a Professional

Ensuring that your commercial guttering is properly pitched and anchored by a professional is the kind of thinking that separates successful commercial building owners from the pack, when it comes to risk prevention. Gutter pitch involves the angles at which your guttering will run, and needs to be exactly calculated to prevent pooling and blockages, and to make sure that your commercial guttering system is as efficient as it can be.

Anchoring is the attachment of your guttering to the building, and also needs to be professionally handled to minimise damage in harsh weather such as storms – when you use an amateur, you risk your entire gutter system potentially being compromised by nothing more than strong winds! For a commercial building owner, this is not the kind of risk that is ever advised, and therefore using a professional for your commercial guttering needs is of utmost importance.

Three65: Commercial Guttering Experts

With over 20 years of experience installing commercial guttering in the Lower North Island, Three65 Spouting are the most trustworthy and reliable providers to design, manufacture and install guttering for your commercial building.

Three65 manufacture four different commercial guttering options, ranging in size and including box gutters as well as a ½ round option. These can all be made to custom lengths, and can be fitted with the corresponding downpipes you need, meaning that Three65 can provide commercial guttering solutions to meet the needs of all commercial buildings.

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