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All I Want for Christmas is Marley Stratus

Treat your home to designer wear this Christmas with Marley Stratus. After all, doesn’t it deserve it after housing you and your loved ones for all this time? For those who are in the dark, Marley Stratus is a new generation of designer uPVC continuous spouting and downpipe systems. Sleek, stylish and available in a range of trending colours, these are rainwater goods that will make your home stand out in your neighbourhood.

Of course your house can’t speak, but if it could we’re pretty sure it’d be whispering “I want Marley Stratus for Christmas.” The Marley Stratus Design Series includes Marley’s Typhoon spouting profiles, as well as the RP80 80mm downpipe systems. All are available in copper metallic, titanium metallic, ironsand and grey friars – modern colours for a modern home.

The Marley Stratus Designer Series

Marley Typhoon spouting is an architectural half-round profile designed with a high front to conceal untidy rooflines. It creates crisp borders, enhancing the shape of your roof. This spouting is easy to install, and the system has the option of internal brackets if you prefer smooth lines, or external brackets if you want it to be easier to clean.

Marley Stormcloud is New Zealand’s favourite quarter round spouting profile and frames the house with sharp, clean lines. Available with internal brackets, this is one versatile profile that has won the hearts of Kiwis for many years. We’re not encouraging being a sheep, but when something is the nation’s undisputed favourite, who are we to argue?

The final product in the Marley Stratus Designer Series is New Zealand’s (again) number one selling round downpipe. Marley RP80 80mm downpipes are easy to install and have been designed for the efficient removal of heavy and light rainfall. They are completed with a range of components including joiners, junctions, bends and adjustable clip systems.

Show Your Home Some Lovin’

All products in the Marley Stratus range come with a 15-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with any possible defects in material and manufacture until your kids are ready to leave the nest. The truth is, any company that stands by a long-term warranty is confident in their products, and they aren’t too concerned about anything going wrong.

Christmas-time usually takes place inside a home, whether it’s your own or a family member’s, so give it some love and care this holiday by making it look wonderful and function better than ever before. After a partner and kids, it’s probably the longest investment you’re going to make in your life, so may as well give it the royal treatment!

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