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Benefits of Aluminium Gutters

Aluminium gutter systems are known for their durability as well as their visually pleasing aesthetic. There are many benefits to choosing aluminium gutters for your property. In this post, we lay down the benefits and why it’s the right material choice for homeowners across New Zealand.

Visually appealing

The appearance of aluminium is very neutral which makes it the perfect rainwater system material for a variety of properties, including commercial developments and modern homes. The exterior of your property will play a huge part in deciding which materials are best. Aluminium gutters won’t look out of place on any home, regardless of the building’s external features.

Durable material

As aluminium will not rust, it’s the ideal choice for a long-term gutter system. When replacing or installing a new rainwater system, you want it to last for decades. Aluminium is extremely durable, with a life span of around 30 years.
With that said, regular maintenance must still be carried out to preserve the material.

A wide range of colours

Aluminium gutters are available in a wider selection of manufactured colours when compared to other materials. Usually, rainwater systems made from other materials have to be painted or are only available in a limited amount of colours. With aluminium gutters, such as the Designer 365 range, you can choose a pre-made gutter from a range of colours.

Aluminium is not prone to colour bleaching, meaning that the colours won’t fade from prolonged exposure to the sun. Therefore, aluminium gutters keep their look throughout their entire life span.

Aluminium will not crack

Aluminium gutters will not shatter or crack when experiencing temperature changes. Aluminium often comes in a continuous spouting form – there are no joints, which prevents the appearance of leaks and cracks. A continuous spouting system ensures that temperature changes and thermal expansion don’t affect the rainwater system.

Minimum maintenance needed

Apart from the regular cleaning of debris and leaves from the gutters, there is usually little-to-no maintenance required. This is a welcomed benefit for homeowners as there’s very little priming, painting, and protecting needed to keep the gutters performing well.

Very easy to install

One of the major benefits of aluminium gutters is that they are very easy to install yourself. There is no need for soldering the joints as it comes in a continuous form. Aluminium is very lightweight, making it easy to carry and handle.

However, we always recommend that any rainwater system is installed by a professional. This will make sure that the system is working properly, avoiding costly repairs.

Your rainwater system experts

The team at Three65 Spouting are expert providers of rainwater systems and spouting NZ wide, and can help you with purchasing and installing high-quality products such as a continuous spouting system. Get in contact now to discuss how we can improve the rainwater system on your property.

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