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Cleaning Out the Gutter

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions a commitment to practicing better habits? If so, start 2018 right by cleaning out the gutter! You can prevent big problems by being fastidious about cleaning out your gutters. It’s a small task but it requires patience and diligence. Gutters should be…

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Introducing Our Fascia Range

Just like everything else in the world, there used to be a type of fascia system that was extremely popular, and now it’s recognized as a design with many flaws. Luckily, people are innovative beings who don’t give up quite that easily, and now there are much better…

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How to Install a Gutter Guard

Gutters are exposed to the elements, debris and intruders like birds and rodents, so putting a guard in place can help keep it clean and save you the hassle of frequent cleaning. If you don’t already have a gutter guard, why not use one free afternoon this summer to…

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Accessorising with Rainwater Heads

Rainwater heads come in a variety of shapes, colours and materials, so they’re more than just functional. They can decorate the outside of your house or building to make it look more exciting.

Just like a necklace can add a little something extra to an outfit, a carefully chosen…

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Rodents and Birds: Stay Away!

Rodents and birds are adorable, but when they scuttle across your roof and get into your spouting and make a mess in your gutters – well, most people would rather do without. With summer approaching, we can expect to see whole families of pests lingering around rooftops, but there…

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Choosing the Best Gutter Guard for Your Home

Houses protect us from the elements and intruders, but it’s important for people to take care of their homes as well. Like us, houses are subject to the weather and uninvited visitors, like birds and rodents. Having protective measures in place will ensure your house stays stronger for longer,…

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Picking the Right Rainwater Head

It’s the little things that count, so don’t just pick any old rainwater head! You wouldn’t stick the first set of tyres you found on your car, and the same goes with rainwater goods. A rainwater head can decorate the exterior of your house or commercial building, fulfilling…

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The Role of Downpipes

Rainwater management systems are just that – a system. Various rainwater goods are required to play different roles in protecting a building from downpours, and a downpipe is simply an actor in this narrative. Downpipes are, simply put, pipes that take rainwater down, into the ground. Water collected on…

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What Are Rainwater Goods?

When someone asks about New Zealand’s climate, what’s your automatic response? It rains. A lot. Most of our country receives between 600 to 1600mm of rainfall a year, so we need a sturdy rainwater management system in order to protect our properties. Rainwater goods prevent water from getting into…

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