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Autumn Leaves: How They Can Cause Big Problems

Autumn leaves are for most people a welcome sight, signalling the end of a hot summer and the start of cooler weather. However, for those with gutters installed on their homes, autumn leaves will never be a welcome presence inside gutters, as they can cause many big problems with…

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All About Commercial Guttering

Protecting commercial buildings from water damage is just as important and personal for business and building owners as it is for homeowners with their homes, and having high-quality and reliable guttering in place is key to preventing the problems that rainwater can cause.

Assessing your Commercial Guttering Needs

When analysing…

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PVC or Steel Spouting? Which is Better? – A Buyers Guide

For New Zealand home owners, choosing the right rainwater goods and spouting is an important decision. There are a broad variety of materials on offer, with pros and cons for using each material. Let’s look at two of the most popular kinds of spouting available – metal and PVC…

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Protecting Your Home From the Elements – Weather-Proofing Tips

Every other week it seems, there’s a major weather event somewhere in Aotearoa. Despite the NZ Herald over-exaggerating the effects of storms, there is real damage that can be done, so it pays to take precautions. With some preliminary planning, your home come out of a storm relatively unscathed,…

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Gutter Helmet vs. Leaf Guard

When two things appear to be so similar it can be really hard to choose! If you’re tossing up between installing a gutter helmet or a leaf guard, read this blog post to learn more about their key differences. It’s a bit like ordering thin crust pizza or a…

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The Consequences of Water Damage

We’re all familiar with horror stories of leaky homes – the physical damage, but also the financial and emotional. Water damage can be caused by several mishaps, including leaky dishwashers, broken pipes, overflowing washing machines and leaky plumbing. Floods and heavy rain can also cause water damage of varying…

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Redesigning Your House with Rainwater Goods

Are you a bit of a decorator? Do you like to move the furniture around, hang new paintings on the walls and switch things up from time to time? Then you might be up for the challenge of redesigning your house with rainwater goods. Not only are rainwater goods…

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Gutter Guards that Work

Cleaning out gutters isn’t a fun Sunday afternoon activity. It’s messy, smelly, and a bit like a pick ‘n mix in that you don’t know which plants or animals you’ll find in there! Fortunately, gutter guards can step between you and the gunk, acting as a barrier to keep…

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Cleaning Out the Gutter

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions a commitment to practicing better habits? If so, start 2018 right by cleaning out the gutter! You can prevent big problems by being fastidious about cleaning out your gutters. It’s a small task but it requires patience and diligence. Gutters should be…

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Introducing Our Fascia Range

Just like everything else in the world, there used to be a type of fascia system that was extremely popular, and now it’s recognized as a design with many flaws. Luckily, people are innovative beings who don’t give up quite that easily, and now there are much better…

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