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CARBON365… The world’s first Carbon Fibre Spouting

Carbon Fibre Sporting… A World First!

Brought to you by THREE65 Spouting – Leaders in innovation and design for residential and commercial rain water goods.

THREE65 Spouting are always looking to push the boundaries and maintain their position as innovative leaders in all things rain water goods. No matter which THREE65 product range you choose one thing is guaranteed – quality and durability.

CARBON365 is the ultimate choice if you want world leading technology and performance from your spouting with a very exclusive high-end finish.

Carbon fibre is five times stronger than steel, twice as stiff, lightweight, won’t rust or oxidise. CARBON365 Spouting is coated in an automotive clear coat to further enhance both the appearance and durability.

Carbon fibre is very lightweight and has considerably lower density than steel (about 80% less), making it ideal for use in such industries as aerospace, military, energy and motorsports. It is used where performance and strength and is paramount
– a quality that THREE65 now bring to spouting with the new CARBON365 range.

If you would like to find out more about CARBON365 – the ultimate in innovative spouting please call 0800 365 365.