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Cleaning Out the Gutter

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions a commitment to practicing better habits? If so, start 2018 right by cleaning out the gutter! You can prevent big problems by being fastidious about cleaning out your gutters. It’s a small task but it requires patience and diligence. Gutters should be cleaned thoroughly at least twice a year, as leaves and other debris can build up and clog the downspouts, which can cause water damage to your roof and fascia. If your gutters are packed, water can pour out over the foundation, or your gutters can crack and leak water into your basement or other parts of your home.

How Do I Clean the Gutter?

You can clean your gutters by yourself, or you can hire a professional to do the job for you. The basic way to clean a gutter is to remove large debris like leaves and twigs with a trowel, and then clean out smaller debris by flushing the gutter lengths with a hose. You should begin cleaning the gutter near a downspout and flush the gutter with the hose starting at the end opposite the downspout. You can also use a gutter-cleaning attachment on a hose.

What if the Gutter Doesn’t Drain?

Water not draining out? Then the downspout may be clogged. Check the downspout strainer and clean it out if necessary. You can try to clear out the blockage by installing a small nozzle on the hose and blasting it at full pressure from the bottom of the spout. If this doesn’t work, use a plumber’s snake tool to empty the space. If you’re still having problems, you should call your local drain cleaner.

How Do I Prevent Gutters Getting Clogged

You can make your future a lot easier by installing a gutter guard. At Three65 Spouting we have three solutions to keep your gutters free from debris and intruders, like birds and rodents. Choose from a leaf screen, a leaf guard and gutter foam to protect your rainwater goods and save time and money. Securing a gutter guard is a pragmatic move, as it means you won’t have to perform maintenance on your gutters ever again. You can cross cleaning out the gutters off your to-do list – for good!

If you’d like to enquire further about our gutter guards, you can give us a call, flick us an email, or visit us in person. Our friendly team are always prepared to give the best industry advice, and we can help you find the perfect solution for your gutters.

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