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Gutter Helmet vs. Leaf Guard

When two things appear to be so similar it can be really hard to choose! If you’re tossing up between installing a gutter helmet or a leaf guard, read this blog post to learn more about their key differences. It’s a bit like ordering thin crust pizza or a regular crust – to an outsider it may seem like a trivial difference, but once you understand more about the ratios, crispiness, calories etc., then you become a firm believer in one or the other! So with that in mind, let’s learn a bit more about gutter helmets and leaf guards.

Gutter Helmets

A gutter helmet lets rainwater in while keeping leaves and debris out. Its patented nose-forward design is what keeps it all out. The downside is that it completely blocks gutters, so when you do need to get in there, it can be inconvenient. It also adds a very obvious border to existing roof structures, which can tamper with the aesthetics of your home. Gutter helmets are often more expensive than leaf guards without doing much more.

Leaf Guards

A leaf guard is clog-free, has a protective overhang/trim, and when purchased at Three65 Spouting, they are professionally installed to ensure quality and longevity. We have three leaf guards:

  1. The Great Barrier leaf gutter guard system is 99% effective at keeping leaves out from gutters, and 100% effective at keeping birds, rodents and other pests from getting inside your roof. It fits almost all existing gutters and lasts up to 20 years.
  2. Gutter foam is designed to let water through while keeping leaves, birds and rodents out. It is UV resistant and comes with a 7 year product warranty. Cheap and easy to install, with almost zero future maintenance required.
  3. The Colorsteel Leaf Screen is a louvred metal screen that keeps 97% of all organic matter out of spouting. This is the only product we install to prevent birds and rodents from getting into your roof, and we give a 100% money back guarantee.

Three65 Spouting Leaf Guards

There’s a reason we don’t sell gutter helmets, and it’s because we truly believe in the efficiency and capabilities of leaf guards. Leaf guards are versatile, easier to install and take care of, and are more affordable. When you use one of our gutter guards, you can be sure to be free of leaves, birds and rodents! To find out more about leaf guards and other rainwater goods, get in touch with our friendly team.

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