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How to Install a Gutter Guard

Gutters are exposed to the elements, debris and intruders like birds and rodents, so putting a guard in place can help keep it clean and save you the hassle of frequent cleaning. If you don’t already have a gutter guard, why not use one free afternoon this summer to install one? You’ll appreciate it in hindsight, when your gutters don’t clog up and you’re saved from continuously propping up the ladder to clean your gutters.

How to Pick a Gutter Guard

First you’ll need to know what kind of gutter guard you need. There are three basic styles of gutter guards: steel, plastic screens, or foam that rest inside the gutter, and surface tension units that fit over the top of existing gutters. At Three65 Spouting we have three solutions for protecting your gutters: Colorsteel Leaf Screen, Gutter Foam and Great Barrier Leaf Guard. All three are effective at keeping out unwanted objects and animals, and the Colorsteel Leaf Screen comes with a 100% money back guarantee!

How to Install a Gutter Guard

First, clear out any debris in your gutters and make sure they are in good working condition. If you notice any leaks or other malfunctions, get your gutters fixed before installing the guards. If your gutters are good to go, the next step is to measure the length of your gutters, so you know which sized gutter guards to order. If you order a simple design that fits inside your gutters, you won’t need to open your toolbox, but otherwise you may need to have some tools on hand. This is entirely dependent on the type of gutter guards you get, so carefully read the instructions as each gutter guard will be different. Gutter guards are custom fitted to each home and require safe practice of ladder use. Get a friend or family member to hold the ladder steady while you’re installing the guard to avoid any nasty accidents.

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If you aren’t feeling confident about installing a gutter guard yourself, get a professional to do it for you. Don’t risk the height and the chance of installing it wrong. At Three56 Spouting, we are able to install all three of our gutter guard solutions for residential and commercial buildings. Our gutter guards are clog-free designs that have protective over-hangings and trims, made even more effective with professional installation. We are the local experts in rainwater goods, and we are dedicated to making houses in New Zealand safer and more enjoyable to live in.

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