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Introducing Our Fascia Range

Just like everything else in the world, there used to be a type of fascia system that was extremely popular, and now it’s recognized as a design with many flaws. Luckily, people are innovative beings who don’t give up quite that easily, and now there are much better fascia products to choose from. At Three65 Spouting, we offer a full selection of spouting profiles in two ranges: the Enduro365 range and the Designer365 range.

A Flawed Fascia System

The flawed fascia we’re talking about is Klass. In the 1990’s, Klass was the brand of fascia that entered the market and experienced great success. It was developed to hide the spouting, or the internal gutter, behind the fascia to create a clean visual line. The system was popular on new builds for quite some time, but soon some inherent design flaws were realised. Klass fascia could, in some circumstances, lead to water getting inside the house. It was also prone to rusting on the bottom lip of the fascia, due to its angle, reducing the natural effect of the rain washing on the fascia.

Its problems were addressed, but many houses still have this outdated fascia system in place. The good news? We can remove it and replace it with our own reliable fascia. With our 25 years of experience in the industry, we have developed replica systems to replace old fascia and covert back to a timber fascia with external spouting.

Three65 Spouting’s Approach

The fact is, it’s not just Klass – there are three other external fascia systems in the market that aren’t cut out for the job anymore. At Three65 Spouting we have developed replica systems using alternative manufacturing equipment. This enables us to remove the existing Klass (or other) fascia and spouting, replace or modify the brackets, and install new internal Coloursteel spouting and new Coloursteel external fascia.

We’ve also developed a system with our resident builder to install timber fascia. We can remove the existing fascia and internal spouting, cut back the soffit, and install 25mm pre-primed timber fascia with screws to the rafters. We then paint the fascia to your desired colour and install new Coloursteel spouting to the outside.

Our system includes replacing the barge fascia with timber and installing new barge flashings. For clients with a concrete title roof, we also arrange for roofers to install new concrete tile barge capping, and in some cases to re-point the existing tiles. All our fascia products are produced on-site and made to measure, and all work comes with a 10 years guarantee. If you want to modernise and add value to your home, or if you want to maintain your existing system, get in touch with us. When it comes to rainwater goods, we’re experts. For fascia, coloursteel downpipes, gutter guards and more, visit Three65 Spouting.

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