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Leafguard Solutions for Spouting

To protect your home and extend the life of your rainwater goods we have a range of leafguard products.

We also offer 100% money back guarantee that our COLORSTEEL® Leafscreen will stop birds and rodents getting in via spouting.

Leafguard benefits:

  • Clog-Free Designs
  • Protective Overhang/Trim
  • Professional Installation

Don’t risk working at HEIGHTS to clean out your spouting and don’t risk blocked spouting causing often costly WATER DAMAGE to your investment.

A louvred metal screen that gives the greatest protection from leaves, keeping 97% of all organic matter out of your spouting this product gives you the ultimate peace of mind.

The only Product we install to prevent Birds and Rodents from getting into your roof space and we’re so confident we give a 100% money back guarantee that it will work.

Also available in copper and aluminium

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