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Picking the Right Rainwater Head

It’s the little things that count, so don’t just pick any old rainwater head! You wouldn’t stick the first set of tyres you found on your car, and the same goes with rainwater goods. A rainwater head can decorate the exterior of your house or commercial building, fulfilling both practical and aesthetic requirements. At Three65 Spouting, we have a range of rainwater heads to suit all kinds of architecture and tastes.


The first thing to consider when picking a rainwater head is the specification. What size is your downpipe? The rainwater head will need to match. Most people prefer to install downpipes and rainwater heads in one go, so the design can be cohesive. However, sometimes things need to be replaced. This is when our custom manufacturing service can come in handy.

We offer rainwater heads in a wide array of colours and finishes, and if there’s a certain colour or finish you’re after but we don’t stock, we’ll try our hardest to find it for you. When nothing pre-made will do, we can create a fabricated, pressed and welted rainwater head manufactured to your design and specification. Talk about tailored services!

Three65 Spouting’s Range of Rainwater Heads

Our rainwater heads in store sit in two ranges. The Designer365 range holds the Alexander rainwater head and the Ned Kelly rainwater head. Alexander is a box shaped rainwater head, designed to be bold, simple and practice. The Ned Kelly is curved, and its smooth, flowing lines give it a classic shape. The Enduro365 range has the Mailbox rainwater head and the Mailbox Lipped rainwater head. Both are a box shape.

All of our rainwater heads are built to suit both traditional and modern architecture. Whether you’re after an ornate, decorative or sleek style, we can help you find the perfect rainwater head. Both ranges are available in COLORSTEEL MAXX and ZM8 Colorcote. Available colours include black, titania, pioneer red, permanent green and much more. Copper is another popular one.

Rainwater heads are an essential design element that protect buildings against water overflow. Placed between the gutter and the downpipe, they help reduce the amount of water entering the storm water system, as well as aiding the flow of water in downpipes. In a country like New Zealand, where the rainfall is heavy and constant, they’re a necessity.

It’s important to pick the right kind of rainwater head. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team of experts. You can call us for free, flick us an email or pop into our Lower Hutt store. We’ve got advice and solutions for all spouting supplies.

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