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Protecting Your Home From the Elements – Weather-Proofing Tips

Every other week it seems, there’s a major weather event somewhere in Aotearoa. Despite the NZ Herald over-exaggerating the effects of storms, there is real damage that can be done, so it pays to take precautions. With some preliminary planning, your home come out of a storm relatively unscathed, sealed and dry.

The calm before the storm

1. Plan for an emergency

According to the Get Thru government website, it pays to have a household emergency plan in case the unthinkable happens. This emergency plan should take into consideration water, food, water-proof clothing and first aid supplies for up to three days. Also include a plan for the care and evacuation your pets and (if you live on a farm) your livestock. Also consider how and where members of your household will meet in the event of a serious storm.

2.Clear the roof of debris

Before the great Noah’s Ark event occurs, it’s prudent to also take practical steps around the home. Blocked gutters can lead to all sorts of problems, such as rising damp, mould inside of the home and rotting fascia. After clearing away debris and leaf litter, flush the spouting and fascias with a mixture of one part bleach and four parts water. This will hinder the growth of moss and lichen. It’s not advisable to use a high pressure hose to do the cleaning, just in case water finds its way into the house.

3. Inspect your roof for replacement rainwater goods

Have a regular inspection of your roof to ensure that it’s secure. High winds can cause flying debris to damage the roof. So it’s essential that reliable rainwater goods, fascia and spouting are all in place beforehand to avoid damage during storms. Three65 Spouting’s popular Designer365 range is easy to install and maintain. The fascia and downpipes come in a variety of appealing colours that are guaranteed to look great no matter your design preferences.

4.Seal doors and windows

Use a high quality sealing tape for doors and windows to block out cold air from penetrating inside. It’s surprising how much of an impact this can have on maintaining warm temperatures in your home, without having to constantly use the heater.

5.Prune back trees and bushes

During the summer months, trees in New Zealand grow fast and to prodigious heights. This means inevitably you will need to do some autumnal pruning, especially where the trees come into contact with the side of your home or roof. Without this regular pruning, during a storm the trees might be violently thrown against the house, causing damage in different ways.

Taking these five precautions will ensure that your home and family comes out of the worst storms relatively unscathed and still looking beautiful. The team at Three65 Spouting guarantee workmanship for the job for a minimum of ten years. That’s a lot of peace of mind for the coming bad weather.

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