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PVC or Steel Spouting? Which is Better? – A Buyers Guide

For New Zealand home owners, choosing the right rainwater goods and spouting is an important decision. There are a broad variety of materials on offer, with pros and cons for using each material. Let’s look at two of the most popular kinds of spouting available – metal and PVC – so that you can make an informed decision.

Metal spouting

Weather resistant

Metal tends to fair better in extreme weather conditions like storms, snow and extreme heat compared to PVC spouting. That’s because metal, and especially steel spouting, has a low heat expansion and contraction coefficient.

By contrast PVC spouting and guttering tends to weaken, become brittle and warp in extreme heat and cold. As a result of UV exposure, joints weaken and are prone to leakage, although recent innovations in metal joint manufacturing have meant that weather resistance in metal spouting has vastly improved.


Copper spouting is highly resistant against rust, extreme weather and has a great water retention profile. Three65 spouting offers a range of visually appealing copper spouting for the discerning customer.

Stronger than PVC

Metal spouting is incredibly strong. It’s built to last through the most extreme weather in New Zealand. In recent decades, improvements to moulding technology for metal guttering has improved its water retention profile. Some gutters made from metal alloys are also just as durable.

The Enduro365 series is made of modern materials such as Stainless Steel Copper, Aluminium Pure Zinc and Colorsteel® for the discerning home owner wanting to have robust, beautiful guttering that is built to last.

Plastic spouting

Adaptable and convenient

PVC and plastic spouting has no seams and comes as one continuous unit. The moulded plastic is highly adaptable and can be customised far more easily to suit the dimensions of the home. This means that there is less risk of corrosion and leakage over time. The PVC also is less likely to be dented or scratched on its surface compared to metal spouting.

Cheaper than metal

Plastic spouting is more affordable compared to metal varieties. This is a great incentive for younger home owners looking for the most cost-effective option.

Easier to install

PVC spouting is far easier to install compared to metal guttering systems. The spouting is lighter and can be lifted far more easily compared to metal.

PVC Spouting by Marley suits a broad range of house styles. Manufactured in New Zealand, it’s robust, corrosion-resistant and UV resistant. This makes it ideal for the long summer days in the north and the heavy snow in the south.

Whether you choose metal or PVC spouting will depend on your location, budget and what sort of look you want. There are no right or wrong kinds of spouting, just the right one for your house. Speak with the spouting and fascia experts at Three65 Spouting for a comprehensive assessment today. We provide spouting Wellington wide.

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