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Repurposing Old Gutters

Do you have old gutters sitting around under your house or outside? Are you wanting to get new gutters, but are put off by the hassle of disposing the old ones? Worry no further – in this blog post we’ll take you through some of the fun and useful ways that you can get more use out of your old gutters!

Using your gutters as planters

This is probably the most common way in which old gutters are repurposed – you’ll likely have seen these in your aunt or uncle’s back garden where they’re constantly pottering away with a trowel, using various objects to house some herbs they’re intending to grow.

The fact of the matter is, gutters have plenty of use anywhere in the garden: they can be hung or put up on a fence and planted with small flowering plants to add colour throughout the space, laid on either side of a path and filled with rocks or pebbles for that extra touch when finishing off your DIY landscaping job, or planted with fun, fruit-bringing plants – such as strawberries – to give kids something to get involved with!

Shelves to help you organise your home

Moving inside, shelving is perhaps one of the most useful and creative ways to incorporate old gutters into your home. An innovative idea is to line up gutters on the wall in place of bookshelves – you can display the covers of your books much better than normal shelves would, or you could even use them as shelves for storing smaller items such as jewellery or your keys.

In the garage, they could be used to hold tools or spray-paint cans, or in the kitchen they could be used for cutlery, bags or small containers of ingredients – even bottles of wine, which are generally a perfect fit for rounded gutters!

Repurposing gutters for your kids

Although you gutters are useful and can fit to the aesthetic of your home, there’s no doubt your children will be even more excited about them! In a kid’s bedroom or playroom, they can be used as shelves to store their books, toys, or shoes, as well as any other small items that seem to accumulate with the presence of kids! Giving them gutters to use as shelves is a rare chance to encourage your children to keep their space organised and clean, since everything will have a place to return to after playtime!

Outside, gutters can be fun toys for your kids – if you have a sandpit, gutters can be cut to a smaller size and used as a fun sand-scooping toy, while you could also put together a novel mini-gutter system against a fence to let your kids collect rainwater in buckets.

If the gutters on your roof are old and ready to be reused down on the ground, and you’re looking to get new modern gutters for your home, then Three65 Spouting are the experts for you! As experienced spouting providers, who can solve your leaf guard problem with high-quality gutter guards, answer spouting questions on anything from gutter foam to Klass Fascia, and offer advice on any spouting issue or concern!

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