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The Role of Downpipes

Rainwater management systems are just that – a system. Various rainwater goods are required to play different roles in protecting a building from downpours, and a downpipe is simply an actor in this narrative. Downpipes are, simply put, pipes that take rainwater down, into the ground. Water collected on the roof falls into downpipes and is then transported to the main underground drainage system.

Why Do We Need Downpipes?

So the role of a downpipe is to serve as a motorway of sorts. Water speeds through and comes out on the other side, away from your home. In New Zealand, different regions experience varying levels of rain. This means that your area code could affect the design and specifications of your downpipes. Downpipes need to be able to handle the amount of rain and the speed at which it falls.

According to the New Zealand Building Code, a rainwater system needs to allow for a level of rainfall intensity that has a 10% chance of occurring once a year for 10 minutes. This may sound near impossible to calculate, but don’t worry – rainfall intensities across New Zealand can be found using the NIWA High Intensity Rainfall Design System.

No matter the design or specifications of the downpipes, they should always be evenly distributed around the house. This will ensure safe disposal of rain, to avoid damage to both your property and the neighbouring properties. Poor rainwater management systems can cause bigger problems too, such as flooding.

A Range of Downpipes

At Three65 Spouting, we sell a range of downpipes to suit every need. All downpipes are typically at a 95 degree bend, but they can be hand made to different angles if required. Our most popular downpipes are the Marley Stratus Design Series. Marley RP80 80mm downpipes are particularly well loved, as they are easy to install, are designed for the efficient removal of rainwater, and are available in a variety of colours.

Marley Stratus PVC downpipes are another crowd favourite. PVC downpipes are non-corrosive, which is especially important in coastal areas where the air is full of salt. For this reason in particular, PVC downpipes are ideal for New Zealand’s topography. These downpipes are UV resistant, are immune to rust, are 100% recyclable and are made locally, right here in Aotearoa.

Our Enduro365 and Designer365 downpipes ranges are also unique and effective designs. All Three65 Spouting downpipes are designed with male and female ends, to allow the most efficient flow of water. For those who want something more vibrant, our Colour Range has a selection of brilliant coloursteel downpipes.

If you have any questions about downpipes or would like to view metal samples of the downpipes, contact our team today.

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