Maintaining spouting or gutters in New Zealand CAN HELP to ensure proper drainage and prevent damage to your PROPERTY

Regular Cleaning Schedule: Set up a regular cleaning routine, especially during the autumn and spring months when leaves and debris are more likely to accumulate. Aim to clean your gutters at least twice a year to prevent clogs. Get a professional in to be safer.

Trim Overhanging Trees: Keep trees near your home trimmed to minimize the amount of leaves and twigs falling into your gutters. This reduces the chances of blockages.

Install Gutter Guards: Consider installing gutter guards or screens to keep leaves and debris out while allowing water to flow freely. There are various types available, such as mesh or foam inserts. Ask THREE65 for more information.

Remove Debris Promptly: After storms or heavy winds, check your gutters for any immediate debris buildup and remove it promptly to prevent clogs.

Flush with Water: Use a garden hose to flush out any remaining debris or dirt in the gutters and downspouts. This helps identify and clear potential blockages.

Inspect Downspouts: Regularly check downspouts for clogs or obstructions.

Prevent Salt Corrosion: If you live near the coast, rinse your gutters with clean water more frequently to remove salt buildup. This helps prevent corrosion and extends the lifespan of your gutters.

Professional Inspection: Schedule a professional inspection every few years to assess the condition of your gutters and identify any potential issues early on. Professionals can also perform thorough cleanings and make necessary repairs.

Remember, maintaining your gutters/spouting is essential for the overall health of your home. Regular upkeep can prevent water damage, protect your foundation, and extend the lifespan of your gutter system. For safe height access refer to our partners page.