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8 questions to ask before hiring a contractor

When you’re hiring a contractor for any purpose, it’s crucial to thoroughly investigate whether they’re a reliable and competent professional. This is especially important when you’re getting residential or commercial spouting work done, as it’s costly when you need to get bad work replaced. In this month’s blog post, we’ve listed some important questions to ask before deciding to hire a contractor.

How experienced are they and how long have they been working?

Using experienced contractors is usually non-negotiable for most people, and finding out how long a contractor has been working is a good indication of their experience level.

Will they be using subcontractors?

Obviously you’ll want to know exactly who will be doing your work, so if a contractor is going to be using subcontractors for any parts of the job, you want to be able to vet their skill and experience and – if needed – suggest a different subcontractor.

How long will the work last?

Timeline quotes are just as important as quotes on cost for a project, and comparing them can be extremely insightful. You want to make sure that contractors are giving you accurate estimates of how long it’ll take them to complete the required work.

Who’ll be on-site and in charge every day?

It’s not often that the contractor delivering you the quote will be on-site doing the work and responsible for the daily work that happens, so you’ll also want to talk to that person and ensure you clearly articulate your expectations for the job.

Can the quote be itemised and explained in full?

Checking the details of how the quote has been calculated – and where exactly your money is going – is the best way to ensure you’re not going to be ripped off!

Do they have insurance?

Checking whether all contractors and subcontractors have the proper insurance is important. Make sure you won’t be paying big for any property damage or other accidents that occur from hiring an uninsured crew.

Who are their suppliers?

This is another important part of assessing quotes – you want to be able to look into the supplies any contractors are using, the cost that they’re getting the materials at, and whether the supplier is your own best choice for the job.

Do they have references from past customers?

Multiple, legitimate references from satisfied customers are key to authenticating a contractor’s reliability, level of experience, and skill – reflecting their ability to finish a job as promised. It’s exactly the same as a job interview – even if they impress you in person, it’s still prudent and pragmatic to have your decision confirmed through positive references.

If a contractor can answer all these questions for you in the right way and you’re still impressed, then they’re likely the right choice for you! When it comes to a specialist contractor that can install your continuous spouting, recommend products like gutter guards to protect your property, and has over 20 years of experience installing spouting NZ wide – Three65 Spouting are the best choice for you!

Contact Three65 now if you need an expert spouting contractor that can confidently answer any question and help you make the best choice for your next hire.

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