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Klass Fascia Replacement and Conversion By Three65 Spouting

Klass is a brand of Fascia that came onto the market in the 90s and was developed to hide the spouting (internal gutter) behind a fascia to create a clean visual line. Five similar systems are also available in the market.

The system was popular on new builds for some time, but the system comes with some inherent design faults that can in some circumstances lead to water getting inside the house.

Klass Fascia is also prone to rusting on the bottom lip of the fascia due to the angle that its on reducing the natural effect of the rain washing the fascia.

With over 25 years’ experience we have developed many systems to replace Like for Like and to convert back to a timber Fascia with external Spouting.

Replacing Like for Like

There are four external fascia systems on the Market including the most common one Klass. Two of these systems using the original roll forming equipment has been de commissioned, so here at Three65 we have developed replica systems using alternative manufacturing equipment. This enables us to remove the existing Klass Fascia and spouting, replace or modify the brackets and install new internal Colorsteel® spouting and new Colorsteel® external fascia. Plus this work comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Klass Fascia Conversion

For those clients not wanting to retain the Klass Fascia system and both modernise and future proof their homes, we have developed a system with our resident builder to install timber fascia. We remove the existing Klass Fascia and internal spouting, cut back the soffit, install 25mm pre-primed timber fascia with screws to the rafters. We then Paint the fascia to your desired colour and install new Colorsteel® spouting to the outside.

This system includes replacing the barge fascia with timber and installing new barge flashings and for those clients with a concrete tile roof we also arrange for roofers to install new concrete tile barge capping and in some cases re pointing some existing tiles.

We have found over the years that clients choose either system based on a desire to modernise and add value to their home or to simply maintain their existing system. Either way talk to us for further information on the pros and cons of both options.

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