Klass Fascia Conversion By Three65 Spouting

Klass is a brand of Fascia that came onto the market in the 90s and was developed to hide the spouting (internal gutter) behind a fascia to create a clean visual line. Five similar systems are also available in the market.

The system was popular on new builds for some time, but the system comes with some inherent design faults that can in some circumstances lead to water getting inside the house.

Klass Fascia is also prone to rusting on the bottom lip of the fascia due to the angle that it’s on reducing the natural effect of the rain washing the fascia.

Converting from Klass Facia spouting to a Continuous metal spouting system offers substantial advantages. Continuous spouting boasts superior durability and longevity. Its seamless design eliminates weak points, reducing leakage risk. Efficient water flow prevents overflow, safeguarding foundations and sidestepping potential structural issues. Maintenance becomes simpler, minimizing debris buildup.

Continuous spouting can also enhance your properties aesthetics as it can be produced to match various architectural styles and colours. In the battle against rust and damage, this upgrade emerges as a resilient, reliable choice, ensuring prolonged protection and aesthetic appeal for New Zealand homes.

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