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Five signs your gutter is sick

In this blog post, we’re going to take you through the best ways to tell when your gutter system is sick and needs to be replaced – if these problems are familiar to you then Three65 Spouting is the gutter expert you need!

Your gutters are cracked or rusted

Both rust and cracks are notable signs that you need a guttering expert to come and take a look at your gutters. While a small crack or tiny amount of rust may not seem like an issue, they’ll both quickly turn into bigger problems. You should always try to prevent further gutter damage when you can and, if left unattended, these problems will always lead to leaks and damage all around your gutter and roof.

Sagging gutters

This is one of the warning signs that’s easiest to spot, as you will easily be able to notice sagging gutters without needing to climb up and inspect them. Gutters should never sag, but when water is accumulating and filling them up, they will inevitably become weighed down and slowly pull away from your home.

Sagging gutters are normally caused either by debris that’s causing blockage, a draining issue that’s not letting water down, or even a gutter system that’s not right for the home. In most cases, you can reduce the risk of your gutters sagging by using gutter guards, and regularly checking that water is draining from your gutters properly.

Water is pooling and leaking

Pooled water or mildew near downspouts is a serious problem, as this means that water could be easily making its way down to the foundation of your home. Water under your house can quickly lead to serious mould, rot, and structural problems – it’s always best to investigate when you see water pooling anywhere around your gutters. Water pooling in this way could be caused by a simple clog that can be prevented with a leaf guard. In some cases, it could be due to a bigger defect in your current guttering.

Clogs in your gutter system

Clogs are the most common problem when it comes to gutters. Most people will be aware of the problems leaves and other debris can cause when they get into gutters, which include the sagging and pooling issues mentioned above. Clogs can also lead to pests making a home in your gutter and roof, leaks that damage the inside of your home, and structural damage to your guttering. Investing in gutter guards is essential for minimising the risk of clogs, but if clogs persist then you shouldn’t rule out more serious problems within your gutter system!

Exterior damage caused by gutters

If paint around your gutters is peeling, chipping or rotting, or if you’re seeing a lot of mould and mildew on the walls under your gutter system, it can be a sign of a larger problem with your gutters. Most of the time, clogs and other gutter problems will lead to this kind of exterior damage, so you can easily see when it’s time to finally replace those problem gutters!

If you’re experiencing one or a few of the warning signs mentioned here, it’s likely that it’s time you invest in a new gutter system that’ll do a better job protecting your home from water. Contact Three65 Spouting today to find out about their continuous spouting offers and expert installation services to make replacing your gutters an easy process!

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